Terms of Service

Find information on our services, missed classes, holidays etc.


By enrolling in our classes, using our services or continuing to use any of our services, you agree to the following terms of service:



Your child will be enrolled in our online Quran classes and will have regular classes as per the schedule and timing agreed to at the time of enrollment.


Students are expected to:

  • Come to the online classes on time
  • Be active in the learning process
  • Complete homework assigned by the teacher
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism and open to changing study habits
  • Be patient with the tutor and the process of learning.


It takes approximately 3-4 sessions for students to get comfortable with their teacher. For the most effective use of time, students are required to be prepared for the session with their books, homework etc.



You agree to pay monthly fees as agreed to at the time of enrollment. Fees will be charged to your credit card automatically on a monthly basis. You can change this monthly subscription at any time by emailing us or you can cancel this subscription at any time by emailing us if you are no longer continuing with our services.



Anytime your child is unable to attend a scheduled class, we recommend you to let us know at least 2 hours in advance so their teacher doesn’t wait while expecting them.

In the situation where students do not log in to their scheduled class, teachers will generally wait for students for up to 7 minutes. If they do not arrive within 7 minutes of their scheduled class time, the teacher will no longer wait and this will be considered a missed class.

Any classes missed on your part will not be made up or rescheduled.


If your child’s teacher is unable to teach a class on any day due to an emergency, you will be notified regarding this at least 12 hours in advance except in the situation of an extreme emergency, where the teacher will try their best to notify you at minimum 1 hour before your child’s class time if there is to be a cancelation.

Any classes canceled or missed by your child’s teacher will be rescheduled and made up at the earliest possible time. We will communicate with you when you would like to make up these missed classes.


If you would like to be refunded for any classes your child’s teacher misses, you are welcome to request a refund within 24 hours of the missed class or classes.



Daily classes cannot be changed temporarily as our teachers have other classes throughout the day. If you need to permanently change your class timings, this can be accommodated according to availability.



Holidays will be communicated to you at the time of enrolment.

Regular holidays include statutory/public holidays and Eid holidays. These are minimal and these are to make up for months in which there are more than 13 days of classes if you are scheduled for classes 3 days per week or for months in which there are more than 17 days of classes if you are scheduled for classes 4 days per week.

As all our teachers are currently located in Canada, only Canadian statutory/public holidays will be used for this purpose.

As statutory holidays are minimal and are to make up for months in which there are an additional number of classes, these classes will not be made up, rescheduled or refunded.


There will also be scheduled holidays throughout the year such as December holidays, Spring holidays and Summer holidays according to the teachers’ schedule. Some teachers will choose not to take scheduled holidays and your child will continue classes as normal.

You will not pay any fees for these scheduled holidays. This will be communicated to you at the time of the scheduled holiday.



In the situation that your child would like to take a holiday or days off and not have classes, the following terms will apply:

If your child takes days off equivalent to a month of classes (13 scheduled classes), you will not pay fees for that missed month.

If your child takes off for 8-12 days of scheduled classes, you are eligible to request a refund of 50% of your monthly fee.

If your child takes off for 4-7 days of scheduled classes, you are eligible to request a refund of 30% of your monthly fee.

If your child takes off 1-3 days of scheduled classes, you are not eligible for a refund.

All refunds have to be requested either at the time of informing us of your child’s days off or within 48 hours of returning from your days off. Any refunds not requested within this time frame will be forfeited.

We must be informed of any extended days off your child will be taking in advance to take advantage of the above.



Any questions, concerns, communication etc. regarding our online Quran classes, teachers, progress or any other services must be done by email (info@quranperfected.com) or WhatsApp with our admin team only.

Parents should not communicate with teachers during their child’s class time unless absolutely necessary.



If you are interested in giving gifts whether monetary or otherwise to your child’s teacher, we recommend you communicate it through our admin team and whatever you wish to give will be given to your child’s teacher through us.



You may terminate this agreement or end classes for your child at any time upon providing us with ten calendar days’ notice of your intention to do so.

Thanksgiving October 11, Monday
Remembrance Day November 11, Thursday
Christmas Day December 25, Saturday
Boxing Day December 26, Sunday
New Year's Day January 1, Saturday
Good Friday April 15, Friday
Easter Monday April 18, Monday
Victoria Day May 23, Monday
Canada Day July 1, Friday
Civic Holiday August 1, Monday
Labour Day September 5, Monday
Thanksgiving October 10, Monday
Remembrance Day November 11, Friday
Christmas Day December 25, Sunday
Boxing Day December 26, Monday