About Us

Quran Perfected is an Online Quran school with a focus on teaching Muslim children with the best teachers

About Us

Quran Perfected was always a long thought about dream for us and to see it come to fruition is most definitely a great achievement for us as well as all Muslims.

When Covid-19 hit the world, many things started changing, including the standard for education. We have come to realize many things about ourselves and one of those things is the fact that online education can be a great blessing.

We are a group of scholars, males and females, who were and still are teachers of Quran and Islamic Studies in local Masaajid across North America.

We are dedicated to the progress of all Muslim children across the world in the recitation of Quran, understanding the Quran and learning true Islam.

Our Mission

Every parent is concerned about their children’s future. Every parent wants the best for their child. Every parent hopes for their child to be brought up with the best of etiquettes and conduct.

At Quran Perfected, our goal is to help every parent fulfil these dreams and hopes for their children. We are concerned about the progress of every child individually just as we are for our own children and we hope and pray for them to become good Muslims and good humans before anything else.

Make A Difference In Your Child’s Life

Just as we give our children the opportunity to try new things, whether it be different languages, swimming, karate or even different sports, our goal remains the same. And that is, we want to increase their experiences in life. We want to increase their opportunities in life and we want to make a difference in our children’s life.

The Quran is an experience like no other. The Quran benefits us and them, in this world and the next, and in ways we will never even imagine.

Give Your Child The Opportunity To Grow Up Knowing Islam

In the day and age we are living in, many people can easily misunderstand Islam, including and especially our very own children.

Our children deserve the opportunity to get to know true Islam so they can show and explain to their friends what Islam really is.

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