Best Arabic Alphabet App, Islamic App and Quran App for Kids in 2023

March 27, 2023

Learn Arabic Alphabet: Games is the Best Arabic Alphabet App, Islamic App and Quran App for Kids

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Learn Arabic Alphabet: Games

An interactive and game-based approach to learning the Arabic alphabet which makes it a fun, memorable and enjoyable Islamic app and Quran app for kids


Learning the Arabic alphabet is essential for anyone who wants to learn to read the Quran. However, learning the alphabet of any language, can be a challenging task. This is especially true for the Arabic alphabet, considering that the traditional method of learning it is simply by repeating it over and over again while looking at its letters.

Learning the Arabic alphabet is even more difficult for Muslim kids and beginners from the many different backgrounds of the world besides native Arabic speakers specifically because Arabic letters are like shapes they’ve never seen before.

For Muslim families looking to introduce their children to the Arabic alphabet to learn the Quran, this app “Learn Arabic Alphabet: Games” is a game changer.

It has modernized the methods of learning the Arabic alphabet by incorporating fun and interactive games in the process.

Now kids and beginners no longer have to go through the arduous task of repeating and memorizing the Arabic letters and they can instead play engaging and educational games to learn them while having fun.

Best Arabic alphabet app and Islamic app for kids with games


1. Pronunciation and Self-Recordings

The app features the audio pronunciation for each letter of the Arabic alphabet. It also gives the user the opportunity to record themselves saying the letter to compare it to the actual letter sound.

This feature is beneficial for users who are not familiar with the Arabic language and need help pronouncing the letters correctly.

2. Learning in Sequence

The app has a feature that helps users learn each letter of the Arabic alphabet in the proper sequence. Every time a new letter is learnt, the user will be given the opportunity to play games associated with that specific letter and the letters they learnt before it.

This feature motivates users to learn every letter of the alphabet while making sure they don’t forget the earlier learnt letters when learning the new ones.

3. Interactive Games

The app features several different mini games, each designed to help beginners master a different aspect of the Arabic alphabet. Some of these games include:

  • A matching game that challenges learners to match each letter with its corresponding sound
  • A jigsaw and painting game for beginners to learn and build the shape of each Arabic letter
  • A find the difference game to help beginners learn the difference between letters similar to each other
  • A memory game for learners to keep the letters in memory and match them together
  • A connect 4 letter game which dictates letters users have to find from a range of letters
  • Several fun games for beginners to simply play and hear the letters’ sounds and visualize them
Fun and Interactive Arabic Alphabet Games
Fun games for kids and beginners to learn the Arabic alphabet

4. Islamic Themes and Elements

One of the key benefits which makes this app the best Islamic app for kids is that it incorporates Islamic themes and elements into its games. For example, there is no background music which is typical in kids games. Instead, there are nature sounds and engaging animations.

The characters used in the app are also Muslim characters dressed in traditional Islamic clothing.

Best Islamic App for Kids Theme
Islamic characters and nature sounds create a natural Muslim friendly environment

5. Great for Older Kids and Adults Too

Although this app was designed to help kids learn the Arabic alphabet in an enjoyable way, the Letter Phonics section of this app was specifically designed for older kids or adults starting their journey of learning the Quran.

The visual lips and mouth animations are innovative and very helpful for beginners not used to the pronunciation of the Arabic language.

Practice Arabic Letters and Sounds
Learn and practice Arabic letters using mouth and throat animation

User Experience and Usability

One of the things that sets this app apart is its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. The app was designed to be used by kids but also great for people of all ages. The games are easy to navigate, and the instructions are clear and concise. Learners can choose to play any game they like, and can repeat games as many times as they need to master each skill.

Islamic Arabic Alphabet App with Great User Experience
Play fun games to learn the Arabic alphabet


The “Learn Arabic Alphabet: Games” app is a fun and engaging Islamic app for kids that is sure to help children and beginners learn the Arabic alphabet. With its colorful graphics, variety of games, and Islamic themes, this app is a great Islamic app for Muslim families looking to introduce their children to the Arabic language and begin their journey of learning to read the Quran.

Start your child’s journey of learning the Quran

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